YouTube: Minnesotans for Global Warming

Something about the accent says he wasn't born here. Not that it matters. Ladies and Gentlemen: Minnesotans for Global Warming.

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An Artic Awakening Awaits

Funny -- really liked the flamingos.

I don't think this fellow realizes that people who subscribe to the global warming/change theory have their senses of humor frozen with liquid nitrogen, never to thaw again, when they enlist in their cause.

About time there was some kind of backlash though!

I would have laughed if this

I would have laughed if this were well produced and funny. The accent is horrible. If you're going to parody global warming representing Minnesotans at least get the accent closer.

The first thing to go...

Excellent liitle find, James. I'm in Colorado and there are a lot of us here who have been hoping for a little global warming, too! To think of Minnesota as the "Land of 10,000 lakes and a couple billion palm trees" could turn your state into a tropical vacation paradise.

The first thing to go when you become a liberal is your sense of humor. I know. I've been down that path...

This guy reminds me of a

This guy reminds me of a younger, down-homier Paul F. Tompkins. And no wonder he doesn't like the cold - he obviously hasn't lived here all his life!

Well I think he's pretty dad burn funny!

Darn good looking too.

He Lives in an RV

Why not just gas it up and drive south?

Too bad brother, global cooling looms

Sorry for you and millions of others that it's much harder to heat things up than cooling them down. But good luck.

Shouldh'a waited for some snow for this bit

Why is he shoveling what appears to be only a half inch of snow... from his lawn?

Minnesota fignts Global Cooling

I have a a lot more coal fired power plants...and cut down a lot of trees.

DaveInAz asks

>Why not just gas it up and drive south?

Maybe it's the lack of lutefisk.

>Maybe it's the lack of

>Maybe it's the lack of lutefisk.

That is a feature, not a bug.

Hello! I live in Finland,

Hello! I live in Finland, Scandinavia. We haven't had snow this year at all. Just a couple of showers .Temperature at 34-37 F all through the winter...It has been warm since 2005. Maybe this is just La Niña I don't know.


If you think this is somewhat funny check out the Minnesotans for Global Warming song on You Tube by the same group. It's sung to the tune of If I Had a Million Dollars and it's seriously funny!!!

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