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Sidewalk Eggs Update

We must report a sad failure; the egg did not fry on the sidewalk, which means that the video evidence of this deadly heatwave will not be posted tonight. But! We might have used the wrong sidewalk. Tomorrow around 3 PM we’ll try it again the StarTribune parking lot, which is unshaded and hades-hot. The video will be up at the end of the week.

Now if we could just find a couple of gap-toothed ragamuffins with slicked-back hair to stand by the egg and grin stupidly; they always seemed to be part of the old newspaper’s sidewalk-fried-eggs stories, too.

UPDATE: Apparently I walk in the footsteps of giants. This has been done before. 

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Fried Egg: We tried, and failed, too...

Last summer - about this time, actually - we had a hella heat wave for almost a week (in San Jose, CA - Land 'O Grossly Overpriced Meth Labs). The thermometer on our shed registered 115* - in the shade (Ouch!).

Our backyard, typically, is 10* hotter than the front yard since there's very little shade or wind - and a whole lotta concrete back there (thankfully, we also have an in-ground pool!).

So - during the heat wave - opening the back-door was like opening a freaking oven!!! ("But it's a DRY heat!" Yeah, like a "dry" 115* is 'comfortable!!!')

We actually did try to fry an egg on the concrete out back. But, since our concrete is a light (almost peach-ish) color, the egg never did really "fry."

After about half an hour, the egg-white did sorta start to coagulate and became almost whitish. But no, it never did truly "fry." (it *did* leave a helluva gloopy mess on our patio, however!!!)

I thought we might've had better luck with the blacktop roadbed out front (out beyond the shade of our huge Pepper Tree). But we never tried to prove that hypothesis, unfortunately...

This is your brain. [cracks

This is your brain.

[cracks egg onto sidewalk]

This is your brain on... oh never mind.

Manhole covers = poor man's waffle iron

Down here when they talk about record-high temps in the summer, they usually fry an egg on a manhole cover, or one of those steel plates temporarily placed over potholes in the streets, just to prove how hot it really is. Talk about a poor man's waffle iron or griddle. The manhole covers already have the dimples for the waffles. You could fry about a dozen eggs on those pothole covers, or make about six grilled cheese sandwiches.

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